UNIT Hydraulic Oils

UNIT HYDRAULIC OIL are premium quality oils recommended for hydraulic systems using gear, bearings, vane, radial and axial piston pumps, chain drivers, compressors, vacuum pumps, mining machinery tools, circulation oiling system etc. where anti-wear type hydraulic oils are recommend.

Available in VG 32, 46, 68.


  • Right viscosity to satisfy the demands of different types of hydraulic pumps.
  • High viscosity index to restrict viscosity changes under operating conditions.
  • Good film strength and anti-wear properties to minimize wear of pumps, valves, cylinders, pistons etc.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance to prevent rusting and corrosion of metal parts.

Performance Level
As Per IS 10522-1983 (Reaffirmed 1993), US Steel No.127 specifications.

Packing Available
5 Ltr | 20 Ltr | 50 Ltr | 210 Ltr Barrel.


Use Automobiles
Packaging Plastic Buckets
Features Good For Engine Life, Good Shelf Life, Light Weight
oil type Synthetic
Packaging size 1.2ltr, 10ltr, 1ltr, 200ltr, 20ltr, 50ltr
Stroke Type 2stroke, 4stroke

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