UNIT Tractor Wet Brake Oil (UTTO)

UNIT Tractor Wet Break Oil are premium quality multipurpose UNIVERSAL TRACTOR TRANSMISSION OIL (UTTO), specially formulated with robust anti-wear and extreme pressure additives for use in wet brake, hydraulic, clutch & transmission system in tractors & construction machinery.

The oil has high oxidation stability, good thermal stability, excellent seal compatibility & high protection against rust & corrosion.


  • Excellent detergency & balanced friction system for imparting friction stability to tractor oils
  • Superior pump wear / Abrasion.
  • Advanced final drive performance with noise free & efficient braking.
  • Longer life of brake disc & component and extended oil life

Packing Available
1 Ltr | 5 Ltr | 20 Ltr | 50 Ltr | 210 Ltr. Barrel.

Performance Level

As per John Deere J20C, J20D,Ford New Holland M2C 134D, Massey Ferguson M1110, 1127 (A&B), Landini, Allison C-4 & C-3, Caterpillar TO-2 specifications.


Use Industrial