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Brake Oil DOT 3

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Brake Oil DOT 4

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UNIT Unicool Coolant high-performance radiator coolant and corrosion inhibitor developed for use in a wide range of radiators in a variety of applications. It is formulated with special inhibitors to provide excellent cooling of the engine components and effective corrosion protection of all engine and cooling system components and resists the formation of deposits on heat transfer surfaces.

It is recommended for all kinds of petrol/diesel engine-driven passenger cars, jeeps, vans, commercial vehicles, and stationary engines operating with water as a cooling medium.

  • Easy miscibility with water.
  • Excellent cooling properties.
  • Noncorrosive and antirust.
  • An ideal medium that lubricates continuously bearings, seals, and other critical parts of water pumps.
  • Protects all metals including aluminum, Solder, Cast Iron, Steel, etc.
  • Easy top-up over most of coolants.

  • Packing Available: 500 ml | 1 Ltr |3 Ltr | 5 Ltr | 10 Ltr | 20 Ltr | 50 Ltr | 210 Ltr Barrel.
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